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Unit test project for project

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Unit test project for project

Here are the latest status:

Platform Status
freebsd LetsEncrypt
openbsd NA
pfsense NA
solaris LetsEncrypt
windows-cygwin LetsEncrypt
ubuntu:latest LetsEncrypt
debian:latest LetsEncrypt
centos:latest LetsEncrypt
fedora:latest LetsEncrypt
opensuse/leap:latest LetsEncrypt
alpine:latest LetsEncrypt
oraclelinux:latest LetsEncrypt
kalilinux/kali LetsEncrypt
archlinux:latest LetsEncrypt
mageia LetsEncrypt
gentoo/stage3-amd64 LetsEncrypt
clearlinux:latest LetsEncrypt
almalinux:latest LetsEncrypt

How to run tests

As simple as just run a script:


It will use cloudflare tunnel to test on your local machine.

You can also test with your own domain, first point at least 2 of your domains to your machine, for example: and

And make sure 80 port is not used by anyone else.

cd acmetest  ./

If you are not root, please use sudo, because the script will have to listen at 80 port:

cd acmetest
sudo  ./

How to run tests in all the platforms through docker.

You must have docker installed, and also point 2 of your domains to your machine.

Then test all the platforms :

cd acmetest
./  testall

It will use cloudflare tunnel test.

Or use your own domain:

cd acmetest  ./  testall

The script will download all the supported platforms from the official docker hub, then run the test cases in all the supported platforms.

Then test single docker platform :

cd acmetest
./  testall


cd acmetest  ./  testplat   ubuntu:latest
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