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Home University, also known as HM University or 家里蹲大学, is a virtual global comprehensive collegiate university.
We want to reduce the involution of students and enhance their own abilities. We want the definition of success to be less about quantifiable virtual products but more about the students themselves.

How to apply Home University

Generally, to apply Home University, you needn't UCAS system, IELTS or similar scores. What you need do is just open an issue on this repository and say that you want to join this uni.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an offer email with an invitation link. Alternatively, you can try this link. If neither work for you, please contact us directly.

Apply from UCAS

If you use UCAS to apply Home University, please make sure that you choose the correct university:

  • Home University(H00) with Lie Flat(LF0).

Usually, you will get conditional offer within 14 work days.

After that, you need not upload your academic transcript and other documents to our admission.

After wait for 14 work days, your conditional offer will become unconditional offer, and your place will be confirmed. Your UCAS track will display like:

By these process, you will become a student of Home University.


CAS, also known as Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, is an electronic acceptance letter. If you are accepeted by HM university and pay the deposit to confirm enrolment within the specified time, you can apply a CAS. Each CAS has a unique reference number containing course information and student information.
If you want, please email us or open an issue.

Alumni Mail

If you finish any degree in Home University, you can apply your alumni account by emailing alumniapply(AT)alumni.hmuniversity.org. In the email, don't forget to mention your GitHub ID and the alias which you want.

Education Email

No, we have not any education email. So please go out and turn right on your own if you want to get educational privileges through Home Universitiy, and don't waste our time.

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