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Tez is a super-simple and lightweight Trainer for PyTorch. It also comes with many utils that you can use to tackle over 90% of deep learning projects in PyTorch.

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Tez: a simple pytorch trainer

NOTE: Currently, we are not accepting any pull requests! All PRs will be closed. If you want a feature or something doesn't work, please create an issue.

tez (तेज़ / تیز) means sharp, fast & active. This is a simple, to-the-point, library to make your pytorch training easy.

This library is in early-stage currently! So, there might be breaking changes.

Idea around tez is simple:

  • keep things as simple as possible
  • make it as customizable as possible
  • clean code
  • faster prototyping
  • production ready

Currently, tez supports cpu, single gpu and multi-gpu & tpu training. More coming soon!

Using tez is super-easy. We don't want you to be far away from pytorch. So, you do everything on your own and just use tez to make a few things simpler.

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