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3APA3A 3proxy tiny proxy server

(c) 2002-2021 by Vladimir '3APA3A' Dubrovin [email protected]

Branches: Master (stable) branch - 3proxy 0.9 Devel branch - 3proxy 10

Download: Binaries for released (master) versions (Windows, Linux): https://github.com/z3APA3A/3proxy/releases Binaries for devel version (Windows, Linux): https://3proxy.org/download/devel/ Docker images: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/3proxy/3proxy Archive of old versions: https://github.com/z3APA3A/3proxy-archive

Windows installation:

3proxy --install

installs and starts proxy as Windows service
(config file should be located in the same directory)

3proxy --remove

removes the service (should be stopped before via
'net stop 3proxy').

To build in Linux install git and build-essential packages, use

git clone https://github.com/z3apa3a/3proxy cd 3proxy ln -s Makefile.Linux Makefile make sudo make install

Default configuration (for Linux/Unix): 3proxy uses 2 configuration files: /etc/3proxy/3proxy.cfg (before-chroot). This configuration file is executed before chroot and should not be modified. /usr/local/3proxy/conf/3proxy.cfg symlinked from /etc/3proxy/conf/3proxy.cfg (after-chroot) is a main configuration file. Modify this file, if required. All paths in /usr/local/3proxy/conf/3proxy.cfg are relative to chroot directory (/usr/local/3proxy). For future versions it's planned to move 3proxy chroot direcory to /var. Log files are created in /usr/local/3proxy/logs symlinked from /var/log/3proxy. By default, socks is started on and proxy on with basic auth, no users are added by default.

use /etc/3proxy/conf/add3proxyuser.sh script to add users.

usage: /etc/3proxy/conf/add3proxyuser.sh username password [day_limit] [bandwidth] day_limit - traffic limit in MB per day bandwidth - bandwith in bits per second 1048576 = 1Mbps

or modify /etc/3proxy/conf/ files directly.

Please read doc/html/index.html and man pages.


  1. General + IPv6 support for incoming and outgoing connection, can be used as a proxy between IPv4 and IPv6 networks in either direction. + HTTP/1.1 Proxy with keep-alive client and server support, transparent proxy support. + HTTPS (CONNECT) proxy (compatible with HTTP/2 / SPDY) + Anonymous and random client IP emulation for HTTP proxy mode + FTP over HTTP support. + DNS caching with built-in resolver + DNS proxy + DNS over TCP support, redirecting DNS traffic via parent proxy + SOCKSv4/4.5 Proxy + SOCKSv5 Proxy + SOCKSv5 UDP and BIND support (fully compatible with SocksCAP/FreeCAP for UDP) + Transparent SOCKS redirection for HTTP, POP3, FTP, SMTP + POP3 Proxy + FTP proxy + TCP port mapper (port forwarding) + UDP port mapper (port forwarding) + SMTP proxy + Threaded application (no child process). + Web administration and statistics + Plugins for functionality extension + Native 32/64 bit application
  2. Proxy chaining and network connections + Can be used as a bridge between client and different proxy type (e.g. convert incoming HTTP proxy request from client to SOCKSv5 request to parent server). + Connect back proxy support to bypass firewalls + Parent proxy support for any type of incoming connection + Username/password authentication for parent proxy(s). + HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 and ip/port redirection parent support + Random parent selection + Chain building (multihop proxing) + Load balancing between few network connections by choosing network interface
  3. Logging + tuneable log format compatible with any log parser + stdout logging + file logging + syslog logging (Unix) + ODBC logging + RADIUS accounting + log file rotation + automatic log file processing with external archiver (for files) + Character filtering for log files + different log files for different servces are supported
  4. Access control + ACL-driven Access control by username, source IP, destination IP/hostname, destination port and destination action (POST, PUT, GET, etc), weekday and daytime. + ACL-driven (user/source/destination/protocol/weekday/daytime or combined) bandwith limitation for incoming and (!)outgoing trafic. + ACL-driven traffic limitation per day, week or month for incoming and outgoing traffic + Connection limitation and ratelimting + User authentication by username / password + RADIUS Authentication and Authorization + User authentication by DNS hostname + Authentication cache with possibility to limit user to single IP address + Access control by username/password for SOCKSv5 and HTTP/HTTPS/FTP + Cleartext or encrypted (crypt/MD5 or NT) passwords. + Connection redirection + Access control by requested action (CONNECT/BIND, HTTP GET/POST/PUT/HEAD/OTHER). + All access control entries now support weekday and time limitations + Hostnames and * templates are supported instead of IP address
  5. Extensions + Regular expression filtering (with PCRE) via PCREPlugin + Authentication with Windows username/password (cleartext only) + SSL/TLS decryptions with certificate spoofing + Transparent redirection support for Linux and *BSD
  6. Configuration + support for configuration files + support for includes in configuration files + interface binding + socket options + running as daemon process + utility for automated networks list building + configuration reload on any file change Unix + support for chroot + support for setgid + support for setuid + support for signals (SIGUSR1 to reload configuration) Windows + support --install as service + support --remove as service + support for service START, STOP, PAUSE and CONTINUE commands (on PAUSE no new connection accepted, but active connections still in progress, on CONTINUE configuration is reloaded) Windows 95/98/ME + support --install as service + support --remove as service
  7. Compilation + MSVC (static) + OpenWatcom (static) + Intel Windows Compiler (msvcrt.dll) + Windows/gcc (msvcrt.dll) + Cygwin/gcc (cygwin.dll) + Unix/gcc + Unix/ccc + Solaris + Mac OS X, iPhone OS + Linux and derivered systems + Lite version for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 + 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Windows Vista and above, Windows 2008 server and above

3proxy Combined proxy server may be used as executable or service (supports installation and removal). It uses config file to read it's configuration (see 3proxy.cfg.sample for details). 3proxy.exe is all-in-one, it doesn't require all others .exe to work. See 3proxy.cfg.sample for examples, see man 3proxy.cfg

proxy HTTP proxy server, binds to port 3128 ftppr FTP proxy server, binds to port 21 socks SOCKS 4/5 proxy server, binds to port 1080 ftppr FTP proxy server, please do not mess it with FTP over HTTP proxy used in browsers pop3p POP3 proxy server, binds to port 110. You must specify POP3 username as [email protected][:port] port is 110 by default. Exmple: in Username configuration for you e-mail reader set [email protected], to obtains mail for someuser from pop.somehost.ru via proxy. smtpp SMTP proxy server, binds to port 25. You must specify SMTP username as [email protected][:port] port is 25 by default. Exmple: in Username configuration for you e-mail reader set [email protected], to send mail as someuser via mail.somehost.ru via proxy. tcppm TCP port mapping. Maps some TCP port on local machine to TCP port on remote host. udppm UDP port mapping. Maps some UDP port on local machine to UDP port on remote machine. Only one user simulationeously can use UDP mapping, so it cann't be used for public service in large networks. It's OK to use it to map to DNS server in small network or to map Counter-Strike server for single client (you can use few mappings on different ports for different clients in last case). mycrypt Program to obtain crypted password fro cleartext. Supports both MD5/crypt and NT password. mycrypt password produces NT password mycrypt salt password produces MD5/crypt password with salt "salt".

Run utility with --help option for command line reference.

Latest version is available from https://3proxy.org/

Want to donate the project? https://3proxy.org/donations/

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