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React Bangkok 3.0.0 website powered by Gatsby :D

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React Bangkok 3.0.0 website.

Using Gatsby with Emotion.


Session Name Speakers(s) Materials
A Breif Summary of React in 2018 Ranatchai Chernbamrung Slides Video
Build Awesome Static Website with Gatsby.js Jirat Kijlerdpornpailoj & Suwitcha Sugthana aka. Gucode Code Demo Video
It's Next.js but it's static and it's fast Jessada Trirongkit Slides Video
My First Time with GraphQL on Production Komkanit Sujautra Slides Video
KotlinJS ❤️ React Christopher Ng Slides Video
React, Redux’s core idea with Clojurescript Veha Suwatphisankij Slides Video
Simple state container with MobX Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai Slides Blog Video
Animating in React Keya Desai Slides Video
Fast and Furious Development with React Design Patterns 🔥🔥🔥 Phoomparin Mano Slides Video
Experience from building a mobile app in a month using Expo & GraphQL Tananan Tangthanachaikul Slides Video
React for a 5 million user app Suphareuk Theamparn Slides Video
React Performance Tuning Rujira Aksornsin Slides Code Video
Testing React Applications Pallop Chaoputhipuchong Slides Code Video
State Management in React Apps Chakrit Likitkhajorn Slides Video
Panel Discussion: Transitioning to React in Large-scale Codebase Suranart Niamcome, Pichet Itngam, Panjamapong Sermsawatsri Dek-D's Blog Sanook's Blog

Other projects

Project Link
React Bangkok 3.0.0 website https://github.com/reactbkk/3.0.0
React in Patterns (TH) Book https://reactbkk.gitbook.io/react-in-patterns-th/
GitHub issue bot https://github.com/reactbkk/3.0.0-issue-bot
Poster image generator https://github.com/reactbkk/3.0.0-posters-nametags
Name tag generator https://github.com/reactbkk/3.0.0-posters-nametags
Ticket checkin & fulfillment system https://github.com/dtinth/ticket-checkin
Tweetboard https://github.com/reactbkk/tweetboard-frontend
Countdown timer https://github.com/reactbkk/countdown-timer
React Bangkok connect https://github.com/WiNloSt/react-bangkok-connect-cloned

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  • Please install latest version of Node.js.

  • Please install latest version of Yarn.

  • Please use Visual Studio Code to edit this project. This repo contains VS Code settings that is optimized for this project.

Setup project

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Install dependencies using

  3. Open this project in Visual Studio Code.

    VS Code will recommend you to install some extensions: “This workspace has extension recommendations.” Click Install All. After all extensions finished installing, click the Reload button.

Development workflow

  1. Open this project in Visual Studio Code.

  2. Use the menu TasksRun build task... or press Cmd+Shift+B to start the development server.

    You should see: You can now view reactbkk3 in the browser..

  3. Go to http://localhost:8000 to view your site!

Coding standard

  • Based on eslint-config-react-tools.

  • Code for the app lives inside src folder. They are grouped by feature / domain to encourage screaming architecture.

  • We don't use export default, but use named exports, so that VS Code can auto-import and auto-rename better

  • Take a look at the src/design folder which establishes the typographic scale and rhythm.

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