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Codeheat.org website

In the heat of the code is a coding contest run by FOSSASIA, friends and partners.

Official website: http://codeheat.org

Development Workflow:->

Fixing issues

Step 1: Pick an issue to fix

After selecting the issue

1.Comment on the issue saying you are working on the issue.

2.We expect you to discuss the approach either by commenting or in the gitter.

3.Updates or progress on the issue would be nice.

Step 2: Coding Policy

Please help us follow the best practice to make it easy for the reviewer as well as the contributor. We want to focus on the code quality more than on managing pull request ethics. Single commit per pull request For writing commit messages please adhere to the Commit style guidelines. Follow uniform design practices. The design language must be consistent throughout the app. The pull request will not get merged until and unless the commits are squashed. In case there are multiple commits on the PR, the commit author needs to squash them and not the maintainers cherrypicking and merging squashes. If you don't know what does squashing of commits is read from here. If the PR is related to any front end change, please attach relevant screenshots in the pull request description

Step 3: Submitting a PR

Once a PR is opened, try and complete it within 2 weeks, or at least stay actively working on it. Inactivity for a long period may necessitate a closure of the PR. As mentioned earlier updates would be nice.

Step 4: Code Review

Reviewer: A core team member will be assigned to the PR as its reviewer, who will approve your PR or he will suggest changes.

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