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11Zip (or ELevenZip) is a dead simple zipping / unzipping C++ Lib

I didn't really wanted to make my own zipping / unzipping library but as I found nothing else, I made my own.

That's why I called this lib 11Zip, 11 is the atomic number of the sodium as it describes pretty well my salty feeling when searching for a zipping / unzipping C++ Lib.

By the same time it's also a reference to 7zip.

The lib is based on zlib & minizip : https://github.com/madler/zlib

It does also include some wrapper code from here : www.vilipetek.com/2013/11/22/zippingunzipping-files-in-c/


Clone this repository using the following command :

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/Sygmei/11Zip.git

(don't forget about the --recurse-submodules part or dependencies are not going to be downloaded).

Once downloaded, put the content into your extlibs/ (or equivalent) directory and put the following lines in your CMakeLists.txt :

add_subdirectory(extlibs/elzip) # Path to the 11zip

target_link_libraries(YourTargetName elzip)



void elz::extractZip(std::string zipname, std::string target = ".", std::string password = "");

Unzips the content of a zip in "target" folder (which is current folder by default).

  • zipname : Path to the .zip archive to unzip
  • target : Path to the directory where you want to unzip the archive, defaults to the current working directory
  • password : Archive password (optional)


void elz::extractFile(std::string zipname, std::string filename, std::string target = ".", std::string password = "");

Extracts a single file from a zip archive

  • zipname : Path to the .zip archive to unzip the file from
  • filename : Path of the file to extract within the zip archive, note that this name will be used by the unzipped file as well
  • target : Path where to extract the file to, defaults to the current working directory
  • password : Archive password (optional)


void elz::zipFolder(std::string folderName, std::string zipTarget = "");

Zips the folder "folderName" to "zipTarget" (Which is "folderName".zip by default).

  • folderName : Name of the folder to zip (will zip all of its content, root folder excluded)
  • zipTarget : Path to .zip archive that will be created, defaults to folderName.zip
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