Public Relations is an absolutely huge area when it comes to marketing. Public relations is, at its heart at least, getting the media to talk about you and your product. It is not an easy process by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you wish to get noticed, it is one of the most crucial web marketing components.

Good public relations are born from a good news story. With public relations, you will be sending out a press release to companies who may be interested in your news story. This could be the mainstream media, or it could be a very niche trade magazine. The point is; your press release is going to be targeted (if you do not know how to write a press release, then you should find an expert who does!).

When a press release is sent out, providing the content is of a high quality and newsworthy, websites will write about you. They will paint your company in what is hopefully a positive light. This is important. If you use the right keywords in your press release and target the right sites then you could appear right at the top of the search results in Google News, or at least a link to your site will. This straight away is going to send a plethora of traffic your way.

The main reason why public relations is so important to web marketing, however, is down to the fact that there are several long-term benefits. If you send out a press release, then you will have some rather reputable websites discussing you. These sites will most likely include a link back to your website/product. As you may well know, high-quality links that have been targeted well are absolutely vital for climbing up the search engines. Not only this, but news stories tend to be shared throughout social media. This means that a single press release could generate hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of links that point back to your website. This is an absolutely huge amount of visibility and will see you climb up the search engine rankings rather quickly. A well-positioned press release, for the most part, at least, is going to be free marketing.

A press release will also strengthen your brand. Branding is all about visibility and showcasing just what your brand is all about. A well-written press release on the right subject matter will show people just what your brand is all about. In addition to this; if you are covered in some high-quality publications in your niche, then you will already be showing that you are a fairly reputable company.

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