A Learning Management System or LMS is an application that is used to provide the administration and delivery of educational courses. It is often used by companies that want to develop, manage and deliver courses to employees.

Why Do People Choose Open Source LMS?

1. They can be customized with your own logo, and the courses can be designed specifically for your needs, and not to fit into templates.

2. The Open Source LMS can grow with you.

3. You control your content and customer data.

4. 40% of those surveyed said that flexibility was the made benefit of Open Source LMS.

5. 60% of respondents said Lower Costs were the reason they chose Open Source LMS.

4 Reasons an Open Source LMS is Better than a Hosted LMS.

With hosted LMS (like Udemy) there are distinct disadvantages, that make Open Source LMS a much better option.

1. With hosted LMS, however hard you work, you never fully own your own business. Important parts of your business are under the host's control. With Open Source you own it all and only you reap the benefits.

2. With a hosted LMS platform you cannot add new tools that your needs require. With Open Source, you have access to the source code and pay someone to add the specific new tool you want.

3. If you start out with a hosted LMS, you may not have access to all customer data and could have trouble porting that data to another host of Open Source. You are effectively tied. With Open Source you both collect and control customer data yourself, and ensure it is handled correctly.

4. If you use a hosted LMS you have to create the content using the templates they provide. This puts limitations on your course. With Open Source, you have complete control of content and how it is used.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/5fNmWej4tAA