Ubuntu 21.10 version will come out on October 14th, 2021. Named after lemur, this version is also called "Impish Indri" and has a 9-month support period for bug fixing, security patches and new app releases. The Ubuntu 21.10 Beta is already available now, and September 30th is scheduled to be the Kernel Freeze date.

Ubuntu 21.10 new features

  • GNOME 40, not 41, is used for desktop by default, creating the new horizontal workspace switcher and app launcher.
  • Yaru light theme is chosen by default, but you can always turn it back to dark in Settings --> Appearance.
  • Firefox Snap will be the default, while the regular version of Firefox will still be supported in Impish.
  • Zstd compression for packages is finally enabled, allowing faster installations.
  • Wayland is activated for NVIDIA graphics drivers, with Pipewire included.
  • New multitouch gestures are added for working with the workspace switcher.
  • Use of Linux 5.13 Kernel and improved artwork.