The Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has substantial benefits for businesses of all sizes. Marketing automation is available in various levels of complexity to suit the size of the business.

What is Marketing Automation?

This is a technology that takes control of marketing processes, using multiple channels automatically. Marketing Automation businesses can target customers and message them over email, social media, the Internet, and text messages.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

It is efficient

This technology reduces the amount of time required for staff to carry out marketing functions. This effectively reduces the cost of staffing. Instead of manually posting on social media, sending emails, blogging, and creating landing pages, staff members can successfully complete all these tasks using a single application.

Marketing and Sales Pipeline

Introducing marketing automation typically results in sales productivity increases of around 14.5% while at the same time lowering marketing overheads by 12.2%. This is achieved through streamlining the transition through the marketing and sales process.

Increased conversion rate.

This technology will ensure that your team has more impact through improvements in conversion rates, and more efficient lead management, ensuring that leads are correctly tracked.

Accuracy is Important

Analytic reporting can be tiresome to do manually. It is, however, especially important. When your company has up-to-date and accurate reporting, it is possible to spot trends and see the overall direction of the business. This also allows managers to identify where things are not working correctly. This technology automates the process.

Facilitating Personalized Strategies

Without Marketing Automation, a great deal of time is spent doing boring data entry work. Once freed from this tiresome task, staff are freed up to do more creative work and to generate more personalized content. It allows your company to target individuals on a variety of media.

This is achieved by turning visitors to your website into leads. Having identified these leads they can be fitted into different classifications and segments. Having identified what your leads have been reading on your website they can be targeted with an email that has relevance to that topic.

Lead scoring.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

A Lead described as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a lead that has demonstrated that they are interested in what a brand offers, by providing contact details, opting into a list, adding items to a cart, frequently visiting a website, or downloading something from the site.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

A Sales Qualified Lead is a lead that is highly likely to turn into a customer. They have fulfilled all the same requirements as an MQL, but additionally, they have the financial capability to make an immediate purchase (cash).

The Marketing Automation Technology can track leads and follow their progress from being an MLQ to becoming a SQL. This allows sales staff to approach these customers immediately.

Scalable processes.

This technology can grow with your company with small companies starting with more basic systems and becoming more complex later.

Lead nurturing.

The technology allows the creation of drip campaigns that will eventually convert leads from MQL to SQL. It substantially simplifies the processes of running successful campaigns.

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